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Donation and Support

Become Friends of ACA

“Friends of ACA” provides training to volunteers to enhance and assist in the day-to-day operation of the organisation and to promote public participation in charitable activities. Through service matching, the program will arrange suitable service opportunities for volunteers and provide volunteers or other resources for its affiliated units. We hope that our volunteers will continue to grow and improve their service skills through participating in volunteer training, sharing activities and field service, and providing quality and continuous services to our service users.
To provide value-added and quality volunteer services to the community through partnerships with different sectors to help the underprivileged.
Individual Volunteer / Group Volunteer
Aged 15 or above, interested in volunteering and serving the community (For applicants aged 6 to 14, their parents or guardians need to sign the consent letter)
If you are interested in becoming a Friend of ACA, you can fill out the online registration form and receive regular emails about ACA’s fundraising and volunteer activities.

Nature of the interested service
I agree that Against Child Abuse will use my personal information to deliver the latest information from the Agency.
I do not wish to receive promotional information from Against Child Abuse.