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Professional Forum on Child Protection: Updating the Understanding of Corporal Punishment - local survey, impacts, challenges and strategies

Date: 2024.03.25   

在此感謝各嘉賓講者的豐富分享、本會執行委員會主席張志雄醫生 和 委員鄭慧芬醫生 主持及帶領討論,以及參加者的積極參與。

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Topic 1: Survey Results on Corporal Punishment of Children 2024

Ms Donna WONG Chui-ling, Director, Against Child Abuse


Topic 2: The Impacts of Physical Maltreatment on Children

Dr Anna CHENG Wai-fun, Associate Consultant of the Department of Paediatrics, United Christian Hospital


Topic 3: Alternative to Corporal Punishment – Prevention & Protection through Positivity

Mr Ryan CHEUNG Yat-ming, Chairperson of the Division of Educational Psychology of the Hong Kong Psychological Society


Topic 4: Embrace Young Children with Love and Appropriate Care

Mr WAN Chi-lun, School Principal of Women’s Welfare Club Western District Hong Kong Kindergarten


Topic 5: Legal Challenges of Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse: Lessons from Abroad

Professor Anne CHEUNG Shann-yue, Law Professor of the University of Hong Kong